Economics and Computation

David C. Parkes Sven Seuken
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Department of Informatics
Harvard University University of Zurich

About the Book

This is a new book (to be published by Cambridge University Press) about economics and computation, covering topics that are motivated by the consideration of economic incentives within computational systems and by computational considerations in economic systems. Examples of these systems include electronic markets, social computing platforms, or systems for resource allocation. The primary audience is an advanced-level undergraduate or first-year graduate class in a computer science, informatics, applied mathematics or operations research department.

For Instructors

If you are interested in teaching from the material, please contact us to request draft copies of the book chapters and other teaching material. Many CS courses based on the material have already been taught:


1. Introduction to Economics and Computation
2. Game Theory I: Simultaneous-Move Games
3. Computation of Equilibria in Simultaneous-Move Games
4. Game Theory II: Sequential-Move and Repeated Games
5. Peer-to-Peer Systems
6. Auction Design
7. Revenue Optimal Auctions
8. Mechanism Design Theory
9. Strategic Computing
10. Online Advertising Markets
11. Combinatorial Auctions
12. Matching Mechanisms
13. Human Computation and Social Computing
14. Crowdsourcing Markets and Contests
15. Social Choice and Rank Aggregation
16. Cooperative Games
17. Information Elicitation
18. Prediction Markets
19. Recommender Systems
20. Reputation Systems
21. Transitive Trust Mechanisms
22. Digital Currencies
23. Networks
24. Network Formation Games
25. Information, Games and Networks
26. Cooperative Behavior on Networks
27. Price of Anarchy
28. Online Platforms with Network Effects
29. Behavioral Economics
30. Privacy by Design